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Galatians 6:9-10, Ecclesiastes 11:1-5

⭕️Don’t treat people the same way.

⭕️It’s not that there is nothing that leaves the desert to go into the atmosphere, it’s just that it’s not enough to become rain.

⭕️Once you are convinced about a truth, go for it, even though you might not see anything around your life because surely it will produce results.

⭕️You need discernment in order to see God working.

⭕️You might be at a place where God is working but you might think He is not because God doesn’t work like us.

Isaiah 32:9-13

⭕️When you’ve just acquired a curse, you don’t feel cursed.

⭕️When you’ve just acquired a blessing, you don’t feel blessed. That’s why this generation doesn’t value blessings.

⭕️Things that you can’t touch look like they’re useless.

⭕️The words of the Lord are such that when things are happening or God tells you to prepare for the future, you might treat them carelessly.

Proverbs 1:1-7, 2:1-2

⭕️True knowledge starts with you knowing your maker and walking in the ways of your maker.

⭕️We hide commandments in the heart.

⭕️The commandments you’ve hidden in your heart, they grow.

⭕️You hide something for safe keeping because you might need it in the future.

Luke 8:15

⭕️When you hide the word of God in your heart, there is growth going on.

⭕️Many Christians are looking for success and prosperity out there. Success and prosperity start from inside the heart.

⭕️When you give up, people will not know that you’ve given up because you’ll still look the same outside.

⭕️The only time people will know that there was something going on with you is when the inside has manifested outside.

Joshua 1:8

⭕️Saying things with your mouth is how to program your mind.

⭕️The mouth, the ear are gates to the spirit.

⭕️When you speak you are programming your mind and at the same time you are accessing the spirit by your words.

⭕️Covenants are supervised by devils once they are broken.

⭕️The devil is the supervisor of disobedience.

1 Samuel 24:25

⭕️The word of God can make you survive evil patterns.

⭕️Getting closer to Jesus can be a problem if there are (foundational) matters somewhere.

⭕️Unusual struggles in your spiritual life are an indication that your attention is required somewhere (evil altar).

⭕️The demons know that by you getting closer to Jesus you might discover a way to deal with them.

⭕️If Satan can’t stop you from coming to church, he will stop church from coming into you, causing you not to receive the benefits of coming to church.

⭕️The most powerful person that can pray for a husband or wife, is their spouse.

⭕️A husband treating his wife like a second rate citizen can hinder his own prayers (1 Peter 3:7).

Proverbs 18:22

⭕️When husband and wife truly agree on something in prayer, heaven will respond because of the covenant.

Genesis 16:9, Genesis 21:12, Isaiah 32:13-15

⭕️The moment God is no longer the owner of you and what you have, problems  come in.

2 Samuel 23:2

⭕️2023 will be the same as 2022 if you don’t change certain things.

Psalm 109:17

⭕️Speak favour every day and you will see favour in your life.

1 Chronicles 28:9, 29:17

⭕️A perfect heart is a whole heart. Don’t do things half-heartedly.

⭕️If your heart is not set, you’ll have doubt coming in.

⭕️You are your thoughts and that’s where God judges you from.

2 Corinthians 8:8-12, Philemon 1:14

⭕️You must work on the willingness of your heart before you can look at what is in your hand.

⭕️Have a heart that is willing to walk in love, you might be struggling but God will help you.

⭕️Have a heart that is willing to pray, you might be struggling but God will help you.

1 Peter 5:2

⭕️Don’t do things for the people. Do things knowing that God can read the intents of your heart.

⭕️What we do outside should be a reflection of the willingness of our minds.

⭕️It’s possible to do something but you are not willing.

⭕️A willing mind is a ready mind.

⭕️It is possible to come to church with an offering but you have not offered it willingly.

⭕️If the willingness is not there, God is not there.

⭕️God looks at the willingness to please Him.

⭕️Don’t do it for the people, do it for God.

⭕️God comes to inspect the pictures you form out of His word

⭕️When you come to a point where you can talk about your dreams, it means the pictures are alive.

⭕️You can’t talk about a dream you can’t remember.

⭕️The future is not outside; you create it from inside.

⭕️If you have no dream, God is tied, there is nothing He can do.

Genesis 6:5

⭕️Until you quit in your thinking, you are still in the race.

⭕️The moment you start attaching age to dreams, you are finished.

⭕️Only those who look forward have a future.

⭕️If you are not expectant, anything can take you.

⭕️Those who look forward to a better future will have one.

⭕️He (God) uses dreams to take us forward.