Daily Faith Declarations

I am a child of God and have the God-kind of life in me. I am royalty and I belong to the class of God. I am correctly (righteous) positioned with my Father. I am seated with Christ in heavenly places far above powers, rulers and principalities of the enemy. I abide in the LORD. I am planted on a fruitful hill.
(Is.5:1-2, Ps 82:6, John 10:10, 35, Eph.2:2-6, 1John 4:4, 5:4)

I am born again by God’s Word. I have a receptive and teachable spirit towards God’s Word. Every time I hear the Word, my eyes open because God Has given me the Spirit of Understanding. I become more and more like Jesus as I believe and Act on His Word.
(Ps.119:18, Eph.1:17-18, 2Cor.3:18, 1Pet.1:23)

The Spirit of God is inside me and upon me. He Has anointed me for exploits. Every yoke of the enemy is destroyed upon my life and on those I minister to. I am an effective soul winner. My life is becoming better and better all the time. The level of the anointing keeps on increasing upon my life.
(1 Sam.16:13, Lk.4:18, Acts 1:8, 1John2:27)

Our ministry is anointed to proclaim God’s Kingdom. We are always increasing in faith and number. Miracles, signs and wonders are following us. God confirms that we are His. Multiplied Grace like that upon Winners Family is upon us in all exploits of faith. Finances come to the ministry every day to fulfill God’s mandate. Miracle Centre is becoming a “reality” every day. We are the light of the world. Our light is shining in darkness. We are fruitful in all areas.
(Matt.10:40, John 5:37, 17:18, Acts 10:38, 1 Cor.1:21, Heb.6:12, 13:7)

God Has made room for me. He delights in my prosperity. There is nothing missing and nothing broken in me. I am fruitful in all areas of my life. The grace of giving is upon me and keeps on increasing. I create wealth by wonderful ideas flowing in me. God leads me to green pastures. I am willing and obedient and I am therefore eating the good of the land. I shall never lack or be broke in my life. God gave out of love and I give out of love for Him and his Kingdom. I have divine favour.
(Gen.26:22, Deut.8:9, 18, Ps.34:10, 35:27, Prov.28:27, Is.1:19, 1Thes.4:12)

I think (meditate) on God’s Word day and night. I am a doer of the Word. I can never be stranded in life or run out of ideas. I am a success because I have an excellent Spirit in me. I deal wisely in all my affairs. Whatever I do prospers. I am bearing fruit all year round. I serve God willingly and diligently. I have divine backing.
(Exod.23:25, Josh.1:8, Job 23:11, Ps. 1:3, 119:48,78,148, 122:6, Dan.5:12,6:3, Phil.4:8)

God Has blessed me with a fruitful and hitch-free marriage. My love and respect for my spouse keeps on increasing. My marital life is a light to the world. I gladly perform my marital roles as outlined by God and my marriage gets better and better.
(Gen.2:24, Ps.128:3, Prov.5:18, Eph.5:22-27, Col.3:18-19, 1Pet.3:7)

My children are mighty in the land. They are a blessing to me and the world. They are influenced by the Holy Spirit and are growing in the ways of the LORD. They are a wonder to the world.
(Is.8:18, Ps.112:2, 128:3, Ps.127:5)

God always leads me to victory. I have overcome the world because I am born of God. I am superior to Satan. Sin no longer dominates me. The Spirit lives in me and vitalizes my mortal body.  I walk in divine health. I shall never lay my back on a sick bed. Long life is my portion. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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