About Mountain of God Ministries

Mountain of God Ministries became a church ministry in 2004 and had its name changed from Revival Fellowship in November, 2009.

Revival Fellowship was a prayer fellowship with a focus on praying for the revival of biblical christianity as seen in the book of Acts. It had about 15 members who were committed to praying God’s spirit into action to bring God’s life back to his body (the church). The group later became a church group popularly known as “Pa Mountain” meaning “On the Mountain”. 

Mountain of God Ministries has a commission of healing and prosperity (all round wellness) which it undertakes through the teaching of the word of faith. Many lives in the nation of Zambia and beyond have been greatly impacted by this commission  with many testimonies of turnarounds.  Her aim is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all nations of the world.

Mountain of God Ministries has touched many lives especially through its Healing School  and church arms with  tangible proofs of supernatural turnarounds. God confirms his word taught by  many infallible proofs of Jesus’ resurrection power . And the best it yet to come.

Mountain of God Ministries is fondly referred to as a burial ground for all fundamental human challenges. Jesus is Lord.