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We are excited to welcome you to the HEALING SCHOOL of the Mountain of God Ministries. The school is a FAITH CLINIC where the word of God is taught with understanding. To UNDERSTAND is to see what God is saying to you & your situation. When understanding is in place, FAITH becomes AUTOMATIC and with FAITH – all things are possible. (Luke :17, 6:17, Mark 9:23, Hebrews 11:6)


1. Open your heart to the teaching of God’s word. Receive it trusting God to do what He has promised. (Psalms 119:130, Mark 4:20)

2. Understanding that God loves you and He has specifically appointed to GIVE you an ANSWER as you BELIEVE. (Romans 8:32)

3. Because God never lies, commit yourself to standing on the WORD regardless of the circumstances, symptoms and signs around you. God will DO what HE says. 

    (Romans 3:4,27, 4:17-20)

4. With three months of dedicated exposure to the environment of an anointed word, your testimony is guaranteed. So sit down at JESUS’ feet at least for three months.

    (2 Samuel 6:11, 24:13, Amos 4:7, Luke 1:56, Acts 19:8, 20:3, 28:11, Hebrews 11:23)

5. Be zealous to TESTIFY of what God has done for you. (Revelation 12:11)

With open arms, we welcome you to the LAST BUS STOP of your challenge. As you have heard of other people’s testimonies birthed on this mountain, your testimony is the next one to be told. JESUS IS LORD. WE WELCOME YOU IN JESUS’ NAME.

Outstanding testimonies from the Healing School

The aftermath of a freak workplace accident left Mr. Baton Nyandwe in excruciating limb pain and he was unable to walk on his own. His condition grew worse. He required the use of a wheelchair to move around. He was brought to church,wheelchair-bound, during a Wednesday Service. God's healing power located him and he was instantly healed. He pushed the very wheelchair on which he was brought into church!More details in the video clip below.

Clement Chisha had been tormented by the demon of  mental disorder. His family, having grown tired of his worsening mental state and the destruction caused by his violent outbursts, brought him to church; believing and expecting that a touch from God's anointed messenger Pastor David  Ackson Kamanga  would settle their problem once and for all. He was brought to church bound in chains, and incognizant of his actions and surroundings.   Watch the clip below to see how he got delivered.

Sister Bibian had been bed wetting since birth and to make matters worse she was in Grade Eleven in 2011. Imagine what kind of shame she was in. On 25th February, 2011, she came to the Night of Encounter, where she heard the testimony of one lady who suffered from this problem for a long time and how that she was miraculously healed after attending the healing school. After hearing this testimony, she made up her mind to attend the haling school session with Pastor David Ackson Kamanga on 15th March, 2011, where she was taught the word of God and the power of the Lord was present to terminated her problem. After the anointed man of God prayed for here, she immediately received her miracle. Bed wetting instantly terminated by the power of God. It is now nine years down the line from the time she said bye bye to bed wetting. Glorify God with her.

Two children, one at 12 years and the other one 8 years had a challenge of bed wetting for a long time. Their mother (Sister Mary) got tired in seeking solutions because everything she tried was to no avail. She later decided to register them at the healing school with Pastor David Ackson Kamanga where the hand of the Almighty God through his Servant was laid upon her children on the 28th of April , 2917. From that very day, the siege of bed wetting was broken completely till today.

Mr. Chama Sylvester stood to testify in amazement for what the God of Pastor David Ackson Kamanga has done for him. "I used to bedwet since I was born and now I am 35 years old" said Mr. Chama. Mr. Chama was afflicted with the shameful act of bedwetting. He has never enjoyed living a normal life since he was born. Everytime he would go to bed, he would wake up IN A POOL of urine. Things became worse when he started sharing the same bed with his friends. He used to make sure that he was the last person to leave the bed and wash the beddings every time he bedwets for fear that his friends would come to the knowledge of it. He endured the shame not until he started staying alone. This caused so much shame, pain and delay in his marital life. Thoughts of settling in marriage started coming through but again he wondered which woman would love to get married to a man with such a challenge. He later on decided that he was not going to mention it to the woman he was going to marry. To the Glory of God, he married a beautiful sister from this commission. Consequently, on one fateful night, Mr. Chama dreamt that he was going out with friends and he was so pressed to an extent that he found a place to release himself but as he was urinating in the dream, the same was happening in reality as he was asleep besides his wife. In the morning, his wife discovered what happened and asked him about it but Mr. Chama decided to lie to his wife that it was only for that night and that he did not know how it happened. Lucky enough, his wife never fell for his trick and insisted to be told nothing but the truth.

Mr. Chama decided to open up to his wife in dismay and his wife encouraged him using the testimonies she had heard and experienced on this commission. She emphatically mentioned how the God of this commission healed her daughter who used to be battered with sicknesses and also how He delivered her from the spirit of drunkenness. She encouraged him to register for the healing school for his own turn around. As a man seeking for solutions, he agreed and registered for the Healing School with God's Anointed Sevant Pastor David Ackson Kamanga which was scheduled for the 31st of March 2020 but the service was cancelled due to the covid-19 lockdown. To his amazement, just after registering, he was instantly healed of the challenge of BEDWETTING which he suffered from FOR 35 YEARS. He thought, he just went on a break but lo and behold, he kept on counting days and nights of sleeping without bedwetting. He then couldn't understand how the God of this Great Commission could terminate the challenge even without been prayed for. JUST LIKE THAT, 35YEARS OF BEDWETTING WAS TERMINATED!!! He therefore couldn't hold what God had done for him and decided to come and return the Glory back to the God of this commission for DELIVERING HIM from this SHAMEFUL AFFLICTION which was part of his entire life. He ended by encouraging the congregants that, "THERE IS NOTHING THAT THE GOD OF THIS COMMISSION CAN FAIL TO DO FOR YOU. JUST KEEP ON TRUSTING AND BELIEVING IN HIS SERVANT Pastor David Ackson Kamanga!" GLORY TO GOD!

Sister Joyce appreciates God of Pastor David Ackson Kamanga for helping her academically. She wrote her grade twelve examinations in 2008 and only managed to pass in one subject. She decided to rewrite in 2010 but failed. In 2011, she enrolled for GCE and failed again. She then decided to attend the Academic Excellence and Career Advancement Service in 2015 with Pastor David Ackson Kamanga held annually. This time around, after being prayed for and delivered from the demon of failure, she sat for GCE examinations and passed the subjects she had registered for that same year. She is now a graduate in registered nursing and doing extremely well. To God be the glory.

Sister Bertha appreciates God for helping her to pursue a degree in nursing at Lusaka Apex University. They didn't have lecturer in psychology and she had poor performance in her continuous assessment tests. Out of 40, she got 15. She was worried because she knew she was not going to make it in the final exams. The man of God (Pastor David Ackson Kamanga) wrote them on the students’ portal of whatsapp that as long as you are connected to the altar of Great Grace Tabernacle, God of this commission will show up for you. Lo and behold, when the examination day came, she reported very late and somehow wrote the exams unwillingly since it was very difficult. When the results came out, she was surprised that she got a B in the subject she least expected to perform better. As of today, she has a degree in nursing. This is the same lady who flopped mathematics at grade twelve several times. What the enemy meant for evil, God turned it for her good. To God alone be the glory.

Mrs. Mumba Malisawa appreciates God for academic excellence as she has obtained a diploma in Secondary Teaching. She attended the Academic Excellence Service in August 2017 and was located by the Man of God (Pastor David Ackson Kamanga). During the service, she was told by the man of God to make sure that she is first on the prayer line. This is the woman who had been fought by evil foundation powers before attending the Healing School. After the Healing School where she received her deliverance, she went on to write her final examinations and cleared all the courses. Indeed, she is the very first female to obtain a diploma in any form of tertiary education among all females in her family. To God be the glory.

Sister Mwansa Lunkoto came to this commission in August 2010 while doing her Grade Nine for the fourth time after failing the examinations three times. Everyone at her school and in her family knew her as a dullard who was not going to make it in life. She went to so many places including prayer houses in search of solutions but to no avail. After coming to this commission where the man of God prayed and delivered her, dullness was terminated and she made it to Grade ten with good marks. Also, the abnormal pains she used to experience during menstrual cycles were immediately terminated. She was delivered from demonic oppressions responsible for her misfortunes after the prayer of the man of God during a church service. Celebrate God with her.

Sister Memory was academically challenged in the second year of her studies because she was dull and lazy. She was unable to identify even the keys on the keyboard and yet she was studying music. This continued up to second term.  in third year, she attended the Academic Excellence Service with Pastor David Ackson Kamanga August 2016 where she was prayed for. Went back to school in third then and practiced the piano for three days and went to play it, composed a song and passed the final examination with a merit. Also appreciates God for delivering her from the spirit of stubbornness after attending the healing school with Pastor David Ackson Kamanga.

Mrs. Chileshe had no desire to further her education before she joined this commission. In the process of time, she got inspired by the members of this commission and she entered in to college in 2014 to do a diploma in teaching. When she wrote her promotion exams in the first year, her results were withheld in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia because her performance was extremely excellent. She got 100% in all the courses. After sometime, she was allowed to proceed to the second year. Had challenged when writing the final examinations in 2016. While doing her residential classes and by the time the examinations came, her eyes had completely gone blank. She sat in the exam room doing nothing for an hour until she decided to use the anointed sticker from this commission. Immediately she did that, her eyes opened and she finished the paper in 45 minutes. She wrote all the seven courses using the anointed sticker. When the internal examination officer saw that, he decided to ask for the same anointed sticker and placed it in his office. Lo and behold, he too received an honorary doctorate from senior lecturers. When the results came out, she got a merit in primary teachers’ diploma. To God be the glory.

Bupe Nkwamba thanks God Almighty for what he did for him through the man of God Pastor Kamanga. In 2016 he attended the Academic Excellence service when he was in grade 12 at Chililabombwe Secondary School in Chililabombwe. He faced challenges in English since he was in grade ten, he used to fail English like no man's business and would score 9 (the lowest grade ). He would study hard but would still fail. His failures in English made him start performing poorly in other subjects and his performance at school was so bad that he lost hope and began preparing himself for GCE. Even during his mock exams he failed English but when he attended the academic excellence service his life turned around anad everything about him changed.The man of God Pastor Kamanga preached the word of God and it was so powerful that it touched his heart and opened his understanding. Later during that service, he was prayed for. After that service Ihe passed every test he wrote and in my final Exams he cleared all the subjects with a merit (3) in English! All Glory to God. He is now in second year at the Copperbelt University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He thanks God for what he did for him through that service, for raising him from a failure to an overcomer.

Joy Malisa Ponga had eye sight difficulties and migraine headaches from 2013. This became worse when she went to boarding school in 2015. Expensive spectacles were bought (zmw1400). Attended the healing school with Pastor David Ackson Kamanga on 27/12/2016. Healed instantly till today. No more eye sight difficulties and migraine headaches. To God be the glory.



Mrs. Thokozile Chifita appreciates the God of this commission for healing her sight and removing the spectacles she had been putting on for the past 22 years on 11/03/2018. They had been to witch doctors and hospitals but to no avail. God used Pastor David Ackson Kamanga to declare a word of knowledge that set her free and many others on the same day. To God be the glory.



Brother Elisha had been having eye sight difficulties from the age of 3, had tried all manner of solutions but to no avail. Attended the healing school session on 13/03/2018 where the man of God Pastor David Ackson Kamanga prayed and delivered him instantly. This challenge affected him negatively. Tears would drop anyhow; he would not watch television from afar. But after healing school, tears have stopped dropping from his eyes and he can now watch television from afar. To God be the glory.



Mercy Kasapo used to have eyesight difficulties for a long time. It was a very big problem when she is sitting at the back of the class. She would literally see nothing and became an object of mockery from the teachers and classmates. She was prayed for by God’s  Servant Pastor David Ackson Kamanga on 22/07/2018 during the live Sunday Service  to have her eye sight restored. The following day, she went to school and sat right at the back of the class and was able to see very clearly. She is healed till today. Praise the Lord.

Mr. and Mrs. Chifita appreciate God for the financial turnaround they have experienced within a shortest possible time after sowing seed towards the Holy Land prophetic visit of the man of God in April 2017. From that very time, food has never run out of their house. They have acquired a piece of land in Kasumbalesa which was going at Zmw 40,000 for free without paying a single coin. Also, the flats that were unoccupied for two months are occupied and tiling has been done. They have also built a servant’s quarter. To God be the Glory.



Brother Rui Henriques appreciates God of this commission for business turnaround. For four years, he had been trying to acquire a piece of land in Kasumbalesa which is a transit point to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pastor David Ackson Kamanga visited his business premises, anointed the land dedicated it. This is a piece of land which was wrongly demarcated. Later on the chief surveyor from the Ministry of Lands came and did a proper demarcation and that’s ow the land was given to him. Today, he is operating under a new company with suppliers from all over the world. This is no other than the Hand of God. Hallelujah.

Christopher Chifita was diagnosed with scoliosis. This is a condition in which a person’s  spine has a side ways curve. If left untreated, can lead to pain and increasing deformity as well as potential heart and lung damage. He was referred to Kitwe Central Hospital to see a specialist but the specialist was hardly found in his office and several trips to see him yielded no fruit. Christopher and his mother were later told that there was nothing that could be done for them, and were told the devastating news that the only hope for him was an operation which was not available in Africa but could only be performed in India.  Therefore, they decided to seek the God of Pastor David Ackson Kamanga for solution.

In the course of time, the mother had a revelation (dream) in which her son was called by the man of God and told to lie on the exalted altar of Great Grace Tabernacle where the supernatural surgeon the Holy Ghost carried out surgery on him. During the prophetic midweek service, the man of God as directed by the Holy Spirit located Christopher and told him to lie on the exalted altar just as his mother had seen in her dream This happened on 21st November, 2018. On 27th November, 2018 they went for another appointment at Kitwe Central Hospital where he was further examined and to the shock of all the medical personnel present, they discovered that the scoliosis had been healed.

Mama Joyce M (United Kingdom) For 6 months I had been experiencing great discomfort and pain whenever I took anything hot or spicy. I went to see my GP (general practitioner) about my problem, who then referred me to the dentist.  When the dentist examined me and saw the swelling on my right cheek and the patches on   my tongue, she took pictures and made an urgent referral to the hospital and told me she was suspecting cancer lesions. This got me very scared but the biggest alarm was when I got a letter form “The Throat, Head and Neck” Cancer unit from the hospital, asking me to come for an oral surgery. After surgery, pieces were taken from my cheek and tongue and sent to the laboratory. The day I received a letter from  the hospital to come and see them, I decided to go home (Zambia) first before facing the consequences on the 19th of July 2018 when I was to undergo an operation. When I told my children I was coming to Zambia, I did not mention what I had been going through, just that I had oral surgery on the 24th of May 2018.  They invited me to come and visit them in Zambia since I live in the United Kingdom. On 29th of June, 2018, I attended the Breakthrough Night hosted by Mountain of God Ministries in Chililabombwe, Zambia.

That night, the man of God Pastor David Ackson Kamanga said he was not going to preach but talk one on one with all of us and indeed, I received my rhema word and understood why my son insisted on me coming. During the service, the man of God assured us to not be afraid as we go to face the surgeons, because the “senior surgeon” (Jesus Christ) had already performed his miracle during the Breakthrough Night. After the Breakthrough Night, I travelled back to the United Kingdom. When I went to the hospital, the junior surgeon told me he was going to get the senior surgeon which made me brace myself for the result while standing on the Lord’s promises. When he told me that the samples he sent to the laboratory had all come back negative and there were no cancer cells seen or detected.  I just lifted my hands and praised the Lord because the surgeon had told me earlier on that they were all sure I had cancer. I just feel so humbled and just want to praise the Lord for using his Messenger Pastor David Ackson Kamanga to heal me of cancer. May the Author and Finisher of all be praised and glorified forevermore. Amen.

Mrs. Isabel Ponga was diagnosed with multiple fibroids in 2015 but didn’t undergo any operation. Before she went for an operation, she attended the healing school session with Pastor David Ackson Kamanga. When she went for a rescan, it was discovered that the multiple fibroids had completely dissolved. Also appreciates God of this commission for healing her eyesight. She had been putting on spectacles since 1993 but after attending the healing school on 27/12/2016, the story has been completely changed. To God alone be the glory.

Mrs. Sophie Chikoti suffered a lot, didn’t know what to do. The thought of marriage hanged in the balance as her parents were not willing to let her go because of her condition. Even when she got married it was her husband who started taking care of her as she would have asthmatic attacks every week. Would use ventolin inhaler and most of the times when attacked she would be taken to mine hospital for oxygen.  She came to the healing school of the Mountain of God Ministries on the 16th of November 2010 where she was taught the word of God and prayed for by the anointed messenger of God Pastor David Ackson Kamanga . After 3 days she discovered that the asthma had been terminated including the high blood pressure was also her concern. To God be the glory.

Sister Florence Matende was diagnosed with asthma in 2002 when she went for medical checkups at Ndola University Teaching Hospital, she lived with this condition for 8 years. She suffered so much until a well-wisher directed her to this commission where she heard about the healing school. She decided to attend the healing school on 30/08/2010 where the man of God (Pastor David Ackson Kamanga) prayed and delivered her instantly. To this day she has a clean bill of health. To God be the glory.

Zee Mugala had asthma when she was one year five moths old. Suffered loss big time and could not concentrate on her school work as she was often attacked by asthma. One week, she would be in school then the following week she would be in hospital for medication. This also contributed to her poor performance at school. She attended the healing school with Pastor David Ackson Kamanga on 15th March 2011 where she was taught the word of God in power and prayed for., To the glory of God the asthma that had defied all medicines was immediately terminated till today. Raise the Lord with her.

Valarie Kaoma appreciates God for healing her form asthma. She attended healing school in 2014 where she was prayed for and delivered instantly. Also appreciates God for healing her from eye sight difficulties in 2015. Since then she is fine.

Lilian Mazuba appreciates God of this commission for healing her from heart disease which she suffered for many years. Muscles in her heart would stop working and die. She was affected badly including in her academics, she wrote her first-year examinations at the University of Zambia while she was sick and stressed. She knew she had failed her examinations and she was contemplating of finding another institution where she would do her program. She came to the healing school where the man of God prayed and delivered her instantly. Lo and behold, when the result came out, shew was among the top few out of the 480 students that died extremely well and was admitted into the school of law.  She came to the haling school to be healed but she ended up passing her examination with flying colours. Glory be to GOD.



Sister Mwape Chisenga appreciates God of this commission for healing her of a heart condition that had troubled her for many years. She attended the haling school session with Pastor David Ackson Kamanga on 26/12/2017. Most times, she would be in and out of hospital. Even at school, it was the same thing. Everyone knew her as a sickler. At one time, she had to stay away from college for a semester because her heart condition had deteriorated. But from 26/12/2017 when she attended the healing school, she has never visited the hospital for medication as she used to do before. Everyone at school is surprised with what God has done for her. To God be the glory.



Theresa  Mumba was diagnosed with a heart condition in 2014 which resulted into breathing challenges and massive loss of weight. She was referred to the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia from Konkola Mine Hospital for further case management. Before she travelled to Lusaka, the mother brought her to the Healing School where the man of God prayed for her. Instantly, she received her miracle. The breathing and weight loss conditions were restored to normal and she is still alive to this day. After she was taken for repeat tests, the parents were told that their child is now in perfect condition. To God be the glory.

Deaconess Miriam Nyirenda appreciates God of this commission for breaking and destroying the spirit of fear as the man of God Pastor David Ackson Kamanga located and delivered her instantly on Wednesday 11/04/2018. The spirit of fear had affected her life negatively in terms of business, finances, spiritual life and emotional wise. The veil of fear is no longer on her. Her spiritual life has been restored. Emotionally, the spirit of fear caused her to have six miscarriages including one for twins. She also narrates that as she was growing up; she was nicknamed “chamwenso” meaning a fearful person or a person full of fear. Academically, she was negatively affected, shew would fail in subjects that she was well versed in. We thank God for breaking and destroying the spirit of fear upon her. Praise God.



Jerry Chisenga used to hear strange voices while on duty as an automotive mechanic in Chambishi township. These voices led him to go into the bush for 5 days without eating and he lost direction. He would walk from morning to sunset without locating his destination. A  well-wisher helped him to located the International Road where the traffic offices put him on a car  that was going to Chililabombwe. The mother brought him to the healing school with Pastor David Ackson Kamanga in 2011, where he was prayed for and delivered. He is still alive today and repairing more vehicles. As though this is  not enough, he has even built his own house debt free where he is staying. To God be the glory.




Brother T. Chanda appreciates God for delivering him from a challenge of unusual erection of his manhood. This used to be a challenge whenever he would be in class since grade 7 in 2002 all the way up to university. Whenever he would sit in front to hear something important in class being delivered by a teacher or lecturer, an unusual erection of the manhood would occur. One day, during arise shine morning prayers, a day  after attending healing school, the man of God located him and spoke to him and told him the following words, “you are not a goat and you should not be manifesting as one,” and after that he was prayed for. He went home after the morning prayers, and whilst there, he sat down and related the words of the man of God to his life. Indeed, for many years, just from his childhood he would be referred to as one that was charmed with the nature of a goat by his friends, because he would eat almost anything and eat so much, beyond human standards. He was behaving exactly like a goat. Glory be to God because he was set free on that day (01/02/2017). He now eats normally and that demonic penis erection is no more. He confirmed his deliverance during the live Sunday service on 12th February 2017. Praise the Lord.




Mrs Sperrah Sinyangwe had suffered from this challenge from the time she got married in November 2008. She had been to several hospitals and clinics for medial attention but to no avail. At one time, she took this challenger as part of her life. ON 29th January 2017 during the live Sunday service, the man of God Pastor David Ackson Kamanga located her and said “those things they had put in your stomach, right now they are flushed out.” Lo and behold, the demon responsible for this torment manifested and was chucked out immediately. Form 29th January 2017 till now, she has not experienced the moving object in her stomach again. To God be the glory.


Brother Blessed Kabemba was addicted to cigarette smoking and beer drinking at a young age due to peer pressure. His school mates would force him to indulge in these vices and it graduated into an addiction. He located this commission in 2010  and attended healing school with Pastor David Ackson Kamanga where he was prayed for and instantly delivered from his addiction. God has advanced his life so much that now he is a qualified clinical officer. To God be the glory.



Brother Musakanya Luchembe was once born again but due to lack of seriousness, he backslid and developed bad habits of dodging school lessons, smoking and beer drinking. He also became unruly to his parents. He attended the empowerment prayer night on 20/01/2017 where the man of God Pastor David Ackson Kamanga located and gave him a prophecy concerning kingdom service he once offered here  at Great Grace Tabernacle in the early stages of construction when he was still born again. Later on, he was prayed for.  Instantly, the desire for beer drinking and smoking vanished. He has stopped being unruly to parents and no longer dodges school lessons. The testimony was confirmed during the live mid-week prophetic service on 08/02/2017.