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⭕️Some people collected their curses in church, for instance by grumbling at testimonies and talking ill of a man of God and not praising God.

⭕️When praising God:

1) Have an understanding of what God has done for you.

2) Have an understanding of what God is about to do for you.

⭕️God has not forgotten how some people used to dance in the bar yet they do not want to dance for Him in church.


⭕️Curses are real.

⭕️Curses are actually invisible evil forces which affect men negatively.

⭕️Curses are forces in the unseen realm and they have power to bring evil to come to pass.

⭕️When you hear that there is a curse on a man, it means that evil will come to pass in that man’s life.

⭕️Don’t just hide in church with a curse, be delivered from it.

Isaiah 42:22

⭕️A prisoner has restricted freedom, most of their freedoms have been taken away.

⭕️When you’re a prisoner, your visions and dreams are on hold; it is no longer in your power what you become as other people are making decisions for you.

⭕️When you’re in prison, your choices are taken away, your ability curtailed, your potential frozen, and what you could have become, is put on hold.

⭕️In prison, you live the life that your captors desire for you.

⭕️In prison, you are everything that your captors desire for you.

⭕️As a prisoner, you’re merely existing, you’ve not started living.

⭕️Living is pursuing your purpose.

⭕️An agent can be sent to you, but it is up to you whether you believe them or not.

Hosea 12:13

⭕️God needs an agent on the earth to bring deliverance to His people.

⭕️When you see the devil terrorizing people in a church, start praying for your pastor to be upgraded.

⭕️God will use the instrument of a prophet to deliver you.

⭕️Being a prophet is not in title but in function.

⭕️When things are going wrong somewhere, don’t look for a devil to bind, consider your ways.

Haggai 1:5-6, John 10:10

⭕️Satan is the smallest part of our problem.

⭕️If you leave the door of your house open and thieves are freely entering in, it is not the thieves that are a problem but it is the door that you left open.

⭕️The opposite of a cursed life is an abundant (blessed) life.

⭕️When things don’t work out, don’t look outside, but look inside.

Psalm 107:17, 20, 28, Proverbs 14:1

⭕️A man that lacks working knowledge of God, may be equated to a fool.

⭕️Iniquity is not just a sin but a perpetual sin.

⭕️Iniquities can be perpetual in the life of a person or perpetually run for generations in families.

⭕️Iniquity is the mother of curses.

⭕️You can’t have iniquity running in your life and have the love of God flowing in you.

⭕️It’s difficult for a person under a curse to love God, even though they might think they do.

⭕️The greatest enemy of any man is himself.

⭕️Nobody is set free until they are willing to be free.

⭕️No matter how anointed a person is, if they are praying for a cursed person they are wasting time.

⭕️A curse is a reflection of an evil covenant at work.