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Luke 17:12-13, 15-18

⭕️There is supernatural power in gratitude.

⭕️Thanksgiving is showing appreciation to God for what He has done and for what He is about to do.

⭕️Unfortunately the brand of Christianity that was handed to us did not tell us about being thankful to God but only about how to harass God with our numerous prayer requests.

⭕️Gratitude is a kingdom mystery that helps people to keep scaling new heights.

⭕️God has daily benefits to give us but many of us are so obsessed with what we want to get from Him that we become ungrateful for what God has done.

Psalm 103:1-5

⭕️Whatever God has done for you and me must be acknowledged.

⭕️Taking God for granted over what He has done leaves you grounded.

⭕️You will never meet a grateful person at the same spot you found him yesterday.

⭕️Thankful people are changing levels all the time.

Psalm 92:1, 10-15

⭕️People face dryness because they don’t have the oil of freshness.

⭕️The oil of freshness is only on the grateful.

⭕️If you cannot thank God for where you are, you are not permitted to leave that place.

⭕️Most of the dryness we face isn’t because of devils, they are merely taking advantage of a door opened as a result of ingratitude.

⭕️Many people come humbly before God when they want to receive something from Him, but once they receive breakthroughs they become clever.

⭕️Being suicidal is a sign of pride. If you are thankful to God for something, thoughts of suicide can never cross your mind.

⭕️Gratitude is security for the future.

⭕️You will never find a grateful person that is depressed.

⭕️You are not yet where you are supposed to be, but look around and see what God has done for you.

⭕️You can gain the sympathy of men when you complain but that won’t help you.

⭕️Be saturated with gratitude.

⭕️Understand that every day that comes your way is a blessing, therefore, you have a reason to thank God.

⭕️If you complain about having a bicycle while your mates have cars, you will never go beyond the level of owning a bicycle.

⭕️ Most delays are linked to ingratitude.

⭕️Those who thank God for what is little see God’s supernatural power of multiplication.

John 6:9-11

⭕️Gratitude doesn’t just deliver multiplication; it also creates the capacity for you to carry the breakthrough.

1 Thessalonians 5:18, John 11:41-43

⭕️Thank God for where you are and for what you have if you want to see His miracle power of multiplication.

⭕️Gratitude empowers you to call things that are not as though they were.

⭕️Gratitude empowers you to experience the miraculous.

Numbers 11:33

⭕️Don’t cause your neighbor’s level to cause you to not be grateful to God.

⭕️God knows your level and He expects you to thank Him for where you are.

⭕️Every time you don’t show gratitude to God you are cursing your blessings and causing dryness to enter your life (Malachi 2:2).

⭕️Even human beings want to favor those who show gratitude to them for things done.

⭕️Thanksgiving is the seed you plant to access and remain in a certain realm.

⭕️Thanksgiving will help you avoid depression and oppression.

⭕️When we praise God we are entitled to execute judgment on our enemies.