Engaging the altar of sacrifice in order to secure help from above [part 4]

Genesis 22:16-17

What will an activated covenant and an active altar releasing a voice guarantee you? [continued]

3. Divine protection (Psalm 91:1, Numbers 23:23, Isaiah 54:17-18, 4:5-6, Proverbs 18:10, Job 5:21)

   The covenant creates a covering of the Lord over our lives that makes us to be impenetrable to the arrows of the enemy.

   Pray against the fear of the enemy because it can remove your covenant right to protection. Frustrate its agenda against your family, your church and all that concerns you.

   Pray against pestilences and plagues, these are tools that the devil uses to fulfill his agenda. 



4. Healing and health  (Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24, Psalm 107:20, Romans 8 :11, Exodus 15:26, 23:25)


5. Divine provision and abundance (Psalm 25:27, Deuteronomy 8:18)


6.Divine favor

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