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Covenant Freedom Day Service

Ephesians 2:9-12, Isaiah 49:8
You don’t pay or pray to be royalty, you’re born into it.
when God helps you, humans have no choice but to help you.
The purpose of the covenant is to establish God’s purpose on the earth and cause you to inherit what God has for you.
God’s part of the covenant is guaranteed, circumstances not withstanding; so all you have to do is keep your end of the covenant.
Take actions of faith that are in line with what God has said in the covenant.
Psalm 126:1-6, Genesis 8:22

What does sacrifice do?
1.God swears blessings at the altar of sacrifice (Genesis 22:6)
   When God swears a blessing all struggles are over.
2.Termination of curses (Genesis 8:20-22)
Your sacrifice is what will activate the blood of Jesus to speak on your behalf to neutralise curses.
3.God gives supernatural wisdom (1Kings 3:5, 4:29-30)
   Solomon accessed wisdom at the altar of sacrifice.
4.It stops plagues (2Kings 24:24)
5.God releases supernatural wealth (1Kings 3:13)
6.God gives honor (Psalm 112:12-13)
7.All needs are met (Philippians 4:15-19, 2 Chronicles 15:11-13, Psalm 111:1-5)
   If you don’t do the same things others are doing don’t expect the same results as them.

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