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Wednesday 19th May 2021

Jeremiah 8:1,7, Proverbs 18:1, Matthew 4:4
The devil is a deceiver, to beat him you need revelation.
Only revelation beats deception.
The cure for deception is not just truth but revealed truth (revelation).
1 Kings 3:17, Revelation 4:1-2
If we do not understand seasons and times we’ll miss our times of visitation.
1 Chronicles 12:32
Your visitation may not come at a time that you think is appropriate, it might come at a time when several things are demanding for your attention.
1 Samuel 30:1-8, 31:6
David playing a guitar so that the demon could stop tormenting Saul was one of the hardest tests that he had to face. He had to look at the throne he was supposed to sit on and help the man he was supposed to replace day after day.In all this he behaved himself wisely.
God is not motivated by tears but by faith.
Nobody can be visited by God without a sober mind.
God wants to visit you when it looks like you’re faced with so many disappointments and nothing seems to work out in your favour.
God doesn’t choose to visit us at times that are convenient to us, hence why we must be ready all the time.
Luke 19:42
Sometimes the visitation of God might be hidden in an instruction (Genesis 22:2)
There will never be a time when all you hear is God’s voice exclusively without hearing satan’s voice suggesting things to you.
As long as you’re on earth there will always be a contest of voices.
The devil loves to take people out of position when he senses increased divine activity around people’s lives, so that they can miss what God has for them.

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