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Divine Visitation

Genesis 18:1-5, 21:1-2
Before God does something he sends forth His word.
God doesn’t speak for entertainment, he speaks for a specific purpose.
God visits according to His word, He first sends His word then visits to perform what He said in His word.

What should you do if you’re to be visited by God? [Genesis 18:1-9]
1)You must be prompt to act
2) call on God and let Him know you want a visitation
3)be hospitable to others
   You might not know who the person you’re mistreating  is connected to.
   Treat people fairly and with kindness.

Acknowledge God’s hand even in the things that night seem little to you, you might be looking for k10 million and God provides k50, you should appreciate Him for that.
The main aim of Divine Visitation is to terminate satanic activity in a person’s life, especially those that have been long standing.
A season of divine visitation is a season of  heightened awareness of God’s presence.
Divine Visitation is accompanied by diverse manifestations of God (Genesis 12:1-3)
Every divine Visitation will result in divine manifestation. Genesis 21:1-6, Luke 7:13-16

What happens when God visits?

1.Fulfilment of promises and prophecies take place (Genesis 21:1, Jeremiah 27:22, 29:10)
2.An outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Acts 3:19)
This brings refreshing and empowerment to God’s people.
3.Divine help and provision come into play (Ruth 1:6, 1Kings 3:5-13)
4.Restoration of inheritance and homecoming (Jeremiah 29:10)
5.God terminates pain and acts on behalf of His people ( Exodus 4:31)
6.Long standing problems are resolved easily (Job 10:12, Psalm 106:4-5)
7.A release of favor (Exodus 3:21)
8.Prayers are answered (1 Samuel 2:21)
9.Deliverance is inevitable no matter the bondage (Exodus 3:16, Luke 1:78-79)
10.Turning of every form of captivity (Zephaniah 2:7)
11.Salvation takes place (Luke 19:11, Psalm 106:4)
12. A manifestation of God’s glory (Matthew 17:1-8)
13.Victory (2 Chronicles 20:20-25)
14.Judgement of enemies (Numbers 16:27-30,Genesis 18:20-21, Acts 12:21-23)
15.Miracles take place (Luke 1:26-31)

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