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Genesis 40:20-23,  41:1,12
You can only have a desire to come out of a situation that you refuse to accept.
You must refuse to accept any situation you might be in that does not line up with the will of God for your life.
Conversations change seasons.
Be careful who you choose to  believe.
The voice of the enemy might not come in a way that you expect it to, making it even harder to detect
God places us among people that he would use as vessels to communicate a particular message he might have for us at a particular point in time.
Be very careful how you relate with people, some people only want to relate to those that can offer thek something in the present.
It is a default  human reaction to want to treat those that seem like they have a lot of material wealth better than those who don’t seem to presently have.
You will not have divine visitation of there is no conversation concerning you, conversation will lead to visitation.
When the butler had a conversation with Pharaoh concerning how Joseph had interpreted a dream, it triggered Joseph’s divine visitation and change of season.
You don’t need to be in the palace or corridors of power in order for  things to change in your life, you just need someone divinely orchestrated by God to have a conversation about you in those places.
Even favour is triggered by conversations (Ruth 2:11).

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