The mind of Christ

There are two types of minds, a carnal (natural) mind and a spiritual mind (mind of Christ)
If you’re going to be carnally minded you’ll be subjected to the law of sin and death while if you’re spiritually minded you’ll be subjected to the law of life and truth.
Whatever is your most dominant thought will dominate your life.
As born again christians our minds  have the framework for the mind of Christ (a spiritual mind).
A person that’s not  born again can not have the mind of Christ.
If you program your mind with the word of God you begin to function like God, no wonder the bible says all  things are possible with someone who believes, just as all things are possible with God.  (Luke 1:37)
Proverbs 23:7
God’s thoughts are higher than human thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9).
Thoughts lead to development of a lifestyle.
The future of a person is in their habits.
It is rituals (habits) that make people what they are, whether  good or bad.
We should make the reading and meditation of God’s word a ritual so that we can partake in the thoughts of God.
A higher life comes from the higher thoughts of God, which emanate from the word of God.
2 Timothy 1:7, 1 Peter 5:8, Deuteronomy 20:1-4, 8

Habits will  take you further than passion.
If you fail or succeed it will be because of your habits.
What you discipline yourself to do so soon turn into a habit.
The purpose of discipline ia to birth a habit.
indisciplined people cannot develop habits
Rituals of honor which will guarantee the divine favor of God
Every ritual of honor schedules a guaranteed reward(Proverbs 3:10)
1.Reading the bible
  Your reaction to God’s word is your reaction to God himself.
2.Listening to the word of God
  Listen daily to God’s word because what enters you is what will exit you.
3.Studying God’s word everyday
4.Church attendance
  Church is a life changing experience, attending church is a task.
  Church attendance is obedience to a divine commandment.
5.Singing  and worshipping
  Psalm 100:1-2,4-5
  This is your invitation to the Holy Spirit.
6.The secret place
  Have a secret place where you meet God at an agreed time, and be consistent.
  Sanctify a place in your home where you meet with the Holy Spirit, a room set apart specifically for Him.
  1 Chronicles 15:12
  Your doubts, weaknesses and fear die in the presence of God.
7.The tithe
  This is the first 10% of your income, and God describes it as holy (Leviticus 27:30-32, Proverbs 3:9) 

  The ritual of the tithe guarantees financial favor.
  Your offering can not begin until your tithe has been returned to the Lord.
  If you’re erratic in your receiving from God it’s indicative of your inconsistent givings.

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