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Kingdom stewardship as a covenant platform for fulfilment of prophecy [continued]

If we’re in the right place and doing what we’re supposed to there shouldn’t be any toiling in life and destiny( Matthew 6:28-29, Proverbs 10:22).
Being in the blessing is like working with the tide, while when you’re outside the blessing you toil, because you’re working against the tide

Exodus 1:14, 3:12
Serving God is not a gift, it is a choice (Joshua 24:15).
Serving God is choosing to work under the blessing but choosing to work for satan is choosing to work under the curse.
The Israelites were freed from bondage so they could serve God (Exodus 1:14, 7:16, 8:1,20,9:1,13).
Why should you have money? why should your business succeed? why should you be promoted?  …What are your answers to these questions?
Isaiah 42:1, 3, – 4, John 12:26, 21:15-16
God puts an enablement on somebody that’s given themselves to service, in order to help them serve Him better.
Servants don’t beg to be promoted, they serve their way into promotion.
As your master is lifted, you too as a servant will be lifted.
Every child of God should aspire to be a servant of God.
Service will bring you into the realm where what answers to God answers to you.
John 15:16
The prayers of those who serve God are guaranteed.
Demonic altars will fight hard to ensure you don’t serve God.
Luke 12:19
Service is proof of our dedication to God, value for God, and  submission to God.
Service is also a proof of our love for God.
Service is heavily anchored by the love of God.
A life of chasing is own interests instead of God’s has added nothing to our lives.
If serving Good is not a priority to you, then you’re also not a priority to God, you’re actually a liability.
Servants enjoy divine presence cheaply because they’re always where their master is.

Examples of God’s servants in the bible
1.Abraham (Genesis 26:24, Psalm 105:43)
2.Moses (Exodus 4:10, 14:31, Numbers 12:6-7, Deuteronomy 34:5)
3.Joshua (Joshua 5:13-14)
4.David (Psalm 78:70, 89:3,20)
5.Daniel (Daniel 6:16, 20)
6.Paul (Romans 1:1, Titus 1 :1)

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