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Covenant keys for speedy fulfilment of prophecy [continued]

3.Prayer (1 Timothy 1:13
  In prayer, challenge God to fulfill the words He said in prophecy.
4.Kingdom stewardship (serving God, servanthood)

The power of the blessing
The blessing has power to prevail.
Genesis 32:28
Prophets are God’s agents of destruction, restoration, supernatural breakthrough.
The  tool for change is the word from the mouth of the prophet.
God’s blessings make life to be more fulfilling and without struggle (Proverbs 10:22)
No man can bless himself therefore understanding the gateway to the blessing is key.
There are three main channels through which blessings come are released : (1) directly from God (Genesis 12:1-4, 22:16, 1 Chronicles 4:9) (2) Through parents (Ephesians 6:1-3)  (3) Priestly/prophetic blessing (Numbers 6:23-27, 23:20,Isaiah 44:26)

What must I do to access the channels of blessings?
a)The direct blessing from God:

     2)praise (Psalm 50:23, Malachi 2:2)
     4)honor(1 Samuel 2:30)
           If you honor something more than God then His  hand will cease upon your life.
           Honor creates access for you.
           God watches who is the most important person  or thing in your life.
           Honor puts you into a blessing  while dishonor  disconnects.
           This is the cheapest way to access the blessing.
           There is no blessing without conditions, no blessing comes on a sliver platter.

b) The parental blessing

     1)honor (Malachi 1:6, Proverbs 20:20-21, 28:20)
         This is the only way to access the parental  blessing.
          Your parents need to say good things over your  life.
          You need to physically provoke the blessing from  your  parents by doing physical acts of honor.
          Honor for parents should be a consistent thing  not a one off thing.

Why blessings don’t flow in people’s lives as revealed to his servant in November 2003
1. Irregular tithes  2.Small offerings 3.Not honoring parents 4.Chasing money instead of chasing God 5.Not selling yourself totally to the kingdom of God 6.Not speaking covenant rights

c) The prophetic blessing

    Psalm 74:9-11, Matthew 20:41  Mark 6:3
    1.Receive the person of the prophet. See God in  them.
         Be mindful of how you receive a prophet, the prophet could be your husband, wife,brother, sister, cousin etc. So to draw from the prophet’s anointing you have to put all those   
         relations aside.
    2.Believe in the prophet’s ministry (Mark 6:2)
    3.Hold him in honor (2 Chronicles 20:20)
    4.Obey them as they convey divine instructions

Benefits of the blessing
  1.Generational blessing
  2.Divine health and healing
  3.Long life
  4.Divine protection
  5 Creativity
  6.Wealth and increase

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