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Covenant keys for speedy fulfilment of prophecy

Joshua 21:43-45, 2 Chronicles  20:14-19,Genesis 22:17
It’s not about how you start but who you start with.

1.Faith (2 Chronicles 20:20)
  Nothing offends God like unbelief.
  You must believe the prophecy, the prophet and the God that he serves.
  You cannot separate the prophecy, the prophet and the God of the prophet.
    a. believe
      Agree with what God has said and take it as law.
    b. speak (Ezekiel 36:24, Isaiah 44:26-28)
      When you receive prophecy, speak against the    enemy using the word of the Lord in that prophecy.
Whatever is too big for your mouth is too big for your hand.
    c. act
     Behave the prophecy

2.Praise (2 Chronicles  20:17-19, 2 Samuel 17:18
  Celebrate the prophecy.
  When you celebrate God for the prophecies believing they’re already a done deal, you facilitate their fulfilment.
  Excitement over a prophecy shows that you believe.

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