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Anointing service for the rise, visibility, helps and contacts of nobles and kings

What will this anointing do?
1.Signal the rise of cyrus
A cyrus is someone that is raised by God to do his will for his people, who at that time have no capacity to do it for themselves.  (1 Chronicles 36:22, Ezra 1:1, 7-8, 3:8, 4:3, 5:14 Isaiah 45:1-3)
He is there to render favor, financial help and influence .
A cyrus defeats an enemy that took things from you and brings back to you what you lost.
Cyrus is that kind of help the Lord raises  for his children from outside the family of believers.

2.Signal the rise of a pharaoh
Pharaoh kind of help causes your dream to become a reality.
God causes a Pharaoh to have a problem whose answer lies with you alone.

3.Signal the rise of hiram ( 2Samuel 5:10-11, 1 Kings 5:1-5,7, 12, 18, 7:13, 40, 45, 9:11-14, 27, 10:11, 22-24, 1 Chronicles  14:3, 2 Chronicles 2:3)
Hiram anointing settles you in God’s perfect will by building you. A hiram settles the most critical problem that is causing you not to settle.
A hiram anointing initiates you into the league of your covenant fathers by giving you access to the same help that enabled them to achieve their greatness.
A hiram transfers the skills they know to you.
Hiram is a very loyal helper.

4.Signal the rise of kings and queens of sheba (1 Kings 10:1-5,10, Isaiah 60:6)

5.Signal the helps and contacts of nebuchadnezzar  (Daniel 2:19, 46-49, Isaiah 49:23, 60:13-
Under this anointing the difference caused by a problem you solved is rewarded handsomely.
People have problems but solution providers are few, that’s why money follows solution providers.
Money is helpless when the Spirit of God calls for it.

6.Signal the rise of ahaseurus  (Esther 1:1)
An ahasueurus is a strategic divine helper arranged by Gid to avert disaster programmed against his children for which they have no capacity to avert.
An ahasueurus could be a more graced person than you that will like you  and be sent into your life to  favor you and open doors the enemy said you would not walk through.
This grace causes you to inherit the estate of your enemy.

7.Signal the rise of boaz (Ruth 4:18, 2:1-5)
This is an anointing for divine restoration with recompense: it gives favor to the unqualified, to those of low reputation and goes ahead to erase  pain and sorrow of the past.
This anointing takes you from lack and want into abundance, and from segregation into acceptance.

8.Signal the rise of joseph of arimathea (Mark 15:43)
Strategic destiny helper who believes in your assignment, and even though they may not be involved in the day to day operations of your assignment but come in at the right  time to provide help that none of those around you can provide.
They have the resources and authority to take your assignment where you could never take it

9.Rise of simon the tanner (Acts 9:43, 10:6,42)
They use their resources to take your assignment far.
Your association with a simon the tanner gives you credibility which causes people to be attracted to your assignment.

10.Signal the rise of lydia (Acts 16:14, 40)
A lydia provides a platform for you to be introduced to royals, and also teaches you how to relate with them.

2Kings 4:10

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