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Benefits of prayer and fasting

Matthew 6:7,17-19
Prayer and fasting is an intentional positioning of your heart for break-through and spiritual growth.
Satan isn’t afraid of all the works we do for God without prayer.
Prayer converts raw knowledge of God’s word into usable power.
Whatever is killing your prayer life is killing your destiny.

1.It unleashes divine favour (Esther 4:16, 5:2, Isaiah 62:6,7,12)
2.It releases supernatural breakthroughs.
3It ensures victory ovwr impossiblities.2 Chronicles 20:1-3
4.It gives sharpness and speed in responding to divine instruction.
5.It facilitates  growth in faith(Matthew 17:21)
6.Separation and a call into a new assignment  (Acts 13:2)
7.It makes you grow strong in grace (2 Corinthians 11:27-28, 12:9-10)
8.It breaks bondages of sin and bad habits(Isaiah 58:6)
9.It opens up one’s life to spiritual gifts and angelic ministrations
10.Long standing sieges,  embargoes, satanic resistance to destiny fulfilment are broken (Matthew 17:21)
11.It leads you closer to God (Psalm 42:1-3, 63:1)
12.Causes us to gain wisdom and understanding which give us heaven’s perspective over the issues we’re facing (Daniel 10:12,14)
13.Gives us authority over demonic strongholds
14.You receive God’s protection, preservation and help ( 2 Chronicles 15:17-20, Ezra 8:21)
15.It brings personal, community and national revival (Jonah 3:4-10)
16.Facilitates fulfilment of prophecy (Luke 2:36-39, Daniel 9:1-4)
17.Divine restoration (Joel 2:12,25)
18.Breaking forth of light which gives divine direction (Isaiah 58:8)
20.It brings speedy answers to prayer (Isaiah 58:9)
21.Brings people into abundance and satisfaction (Isaiah 58:11, Joel 2:19)

Afternoon anointing service
Isaiah 21:5, Isaiah 3:13
When God sits as a judge you cannot approach him as if he were a father.
As a judge his duty is to dispense justice.
Acts 1:8, 10:38, 1Samuel 16:12-13,
The empowerment to do good also attracts  good to happen in your life.
The anointing provokes the vengeance of the Lord.
Isaiah 61:1-10
The anointing gives you access to hidden treasure and wealth (Isaiah 45:3)
The anointing makes rich.
The anointing changes your status and opens closed doors.
The anointing causes a metamorphosis in your life.
The anointing releases the oppressed.
The anointing preserves (Psalm 89:23) and guarantees long life.
The anointing puts a mark of exemption upon your life.
The anointing gives you direction and empowers you to defeat your enemies.
The anointing refreshes and it guarantees success, it covers you from danger.
The anointing places a mark on your head which automatically attracts angels to work around your life.
The anointing makes little to become abundance.

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