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The power of acceptance and attraction

Psalm 110:1-3, Luke 4:14, Joshua 6:20, 1Kings 4:31, 10:1, 7, 1 Chronicles 4:17, 22:5
1.Being well known
2.Favourable public  reputation (being a celebrity)
Without fame you can’t enjoy favour
Fame is not only for favour but it also brings great fear upon your enemies. 
Fame must be prayed for it doesn’t just happen. 
If satan succeeds in keeping you covered, those who were supposed to help you never will. 
Esther  6:1-2, 9:14, Zephaniah 3:14, Matthew 4:24, 9:26,John 12:19
A person needs to have a high reputation of you in order to favour you. 
You can be so talented but if you’re not favoured your glory will be covered. 
Fame brings attraction and acceptance. 
Even Jesus was famous, and his fame is what attracted people to seek solutions from him. 
Mark 1:28, Acts 2:6, Isaiah 60:15
Tremendous miracles  can happen but if the game is those miracles isn’t noised abroad, nobody will come to receive their healing. 

Benefits of fame
  1.It leads to admiration, which leads to attraction
  2.It gets you special treatment everywhere you go
  3.It gives you access to several opportunities 
  4.You can use your image to publicize your brand
  5.It helps you  make money easily
  6.It is a tool of enlargement and dominion. 

What do angels do with fame? 
  1.They noise fame abroad (Mark 2:1,Joshua 6:27, Luke 1:65)

  If God wants you to be famous, demons want you to be defamed. 
  To defame:
   To charge falsely or with malicious intent. 

What do demons do with fame? 
  1 Corinthians 4:13
  1.They attack the good name and reputation of someone and noise it abroad. 
   Defamation scatters attraction. 
   Defamation of character is the work of a demon. 
   The aim of defamation is to leave you forsaken. 

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