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Destiny is God’s plan for your life, the purpose for which you were born. 
You need spiritual empowerment to fulfill destiny because life is a battlefield. 
If you walk into life casually you will be a casualty. 
Matthew 25:9, Isaiah 55:1, Acts 8:10
What is the cost of empowerment ?
1.Consecration (being set apart for God) (Psalm 45:6-8, Luke 5:38-39, Romans 8:13, 2 Thessalonians 2:13) 
  The oil of gladness makes people to be excited about all that concerns you, to feel like doing good for you. 
  The oil of gladness results in acceptance and attraction, and the oil of gladness comes upon you because of consecration. 

2.Prayer and Fasting (Psalm 63:1-2, Isaiah 58:6-7, Luke 4:14 ) 

3.The word of God (Romans 1:16,Acts 6:3-4) 
4.Fellowship (Psalm 84:7, Hebrews 10:25, Psalm 92:1-15)
  This includes fellowship with other believers as well as fellowship with the Holy Spirit. 
5.Sacrifice (2 Samuel 24:24, 1 Kings 3:4, Psalm 50:5)
6.Kingdom service (Matthew 6:33, John 14:21)

Why do we need empowerment ?
1.To accomplish any divine mission (Exodus 4;1-9 Luke 24:29
2.To overrun gates of hell and subdue opposing demonic forces (Isaiah 59:19, 10:27, Psalm 66:3, Matthew 16:18, Luke 10:17-19)
There is opposition to every position Jesus promises you. 
3.For righteous living (Romans 1:4, Isaiah 58:4) 
4.Preservation from death, destruction and plagues (Psalm 79:11, Romans 8:2) 
5.To settle in your inheritance (Luke 11:21-22, Psalm 44:3 )
6.To enforce fulfilment of prophecy (1 Timothy 1:18, Isaiah 66:7)
  Prophecy comes through the word of  God, declarations from a servant of God. 
The devil has an interest in every prophecy spleen over your life. 
7.For Illumination (Isaiah 60:1-3, 58:8,Psalm 36:9, Jeremiah 33:3, 2 Corinthians 4:4)
  It not only shows you what to do or where to go but it also makes you visible. 
  There are so many helpers God had ordained for you but many of them can’t see you because you’re not visible. 
  Illumination facilitates speed. 

8.For speedy restoration (Joel 2:12-25, Isaiah 62:1-8, 32:12-15) 
9.For signs and wonders
10.Supernatural advancement (1Samuel 12:6) 
11.To have desired Breakthrough ( Isaiah 58:12-14) 
12.To have speedy answers to prayer ( Isaiah 58:9) 
13.To have acceptance and attraction for destiny helpers (Psalm 110:3, Exodus 11:3)
  People are willing to help you, to do the things you tell them when you’re empowered.

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