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Proof of genuine faith

Luke 1:45,  Matthew 9:27, Luke 7:13, Ecclesiastes 10:6-7, 10
There is a difference between faith and believing : believing is coming  to a point of conviction that God can do what He says he can do while  faith is acting on what you believe. 
Acts of faith are also referred to as acts of wisdom (Mark 6:2)
Divine wisdom is God’s solution to human problems, and faith is the solution to human problems. 
James 3:15
A man that is full of wisdom is also full of faith, they both come from the word of God. 
A person who cries out for mercy is wise.
A cry for mercy is not just asking God to forgive a sin like most christians commonly think, a cry for mercy expresses your vulnerability and inability in the face of God’s ability, and we need mercy in each and every area of our lives. 

What is the proof of genuine faith? 
2 Corinthians 13:5-6
If you have faith you must know it, and when you don’t have it you should also know. 

1.Corresponding actions 
    1 Samuel 2:3, James 2:18, Genesis 17:23-24, 22:3
    Your actions validate your faith or lack of it. 
    God is waiting for you to take corresponding actions that show you have faith. 
    Your actions towards what God had spoken is a proof of your genuine faith. 

    This is waiting for what God has said without anxiety, waiting without panicking or being stressed. 
    Isaiah 28:16, Hebrews 11:7, 6:12-15

    Have undying dedication to God and not to things.
    Job 2:9-10, 13:15, Daniel 3:28
    Faith filled people are not driven by things but by God (Psalm 46:5).

4.Positive confession 
    Faith can be traced through the words of your mouth. 
    Romans 10:10, Exodus 4:12, Luke 21:15, Genesis 1:3, Numbers 13:30
    Your confession validates or betrays what you call faith. 
    Our words are messengers. 
    God doesn’t speak anyhow and neither should we. 
    Words are creative forces, if you speak wrong things they’ll be created. 

    Romans 15:13, Hebrews 4:9-11, Matthew 6:31, Philippians 4:11, Isaiah 26:3
    When you’re at rest in faith, you tell  God to do the rest. 
    When you’re peaceless it’s a sign of unbelief. 

    1 Peter 1:8, Romans4:20-21
    Don’t worry about things you can not do anything about, let God be God and you be yourself. 
    Faith infuses you with unspeakable joy. 
    Faith rejoices in the realities of things unseen and it infuses you with joy. 
    Faith is an antidote for depression, if you have faith you can never be depressed. 
    Genuine faith celebrates God and does not question Him.
    Those who question God are serious victims of unbelief. 

    Psalm 134:1-2, 2Chronicles 20:21-22, John 11:41
    Giving thanks is the triumph of faith. 
    Give thanks to God for that thing that has refused to move. 
    Thanksgiving is never late. 
    You can reopen any seemingly closed case with Thanksgiving. 
    Even your prayers are not answered until your give thanks. 
    The easiest thing to do when you have a problem is to cry or complain about it, but that’s also an easy way to chase God and attract satan.

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