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What does the Holy Spirit do?

1 Samuel 16:13-14, John 16:7, 12-14, 14:12, 26, 1John 5:4
Faith originates from God, it is a spirit. 
John 12:49, 10:10
Right from the beginning God never intended for man to be by himself. 
Man was never created to lead himself. 
When your life is flooded by the Holy Spirit you will fear nothing. 
Ephesians 5:18, Acts 6:1-3, 7:55
The wisdom of God is the word of God, so being full of the word of God will make you full of wisdom. 
Whatever your are full of will have charge over you. 

What does the Holy spirit do? 
1.The Holy Spirit glorifies and bears witness to Christ(John 15:26, Romans 8:16) 
    The Holy Spirit  makes Christ real in the life of a  believer that is full of Him.
    The conviction that you’re a child of God is huge, because this makes you an heir of whatever God has and it is the root of your boldness. 
    The Holy Spirit is a monitoring spirit too, monitoring us for good,and even monitoring our enemies when they plan evil against us (Ezekiel 11:1, 4-5, 1 Chronicles 16:9) 
    If you’re full of the Holy Spirit you will not be afraid of satan. 

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