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Overnight Prayer Meeting : Night of Revelation

Zechariah 12:10, Isaiah 66:7-8, James 1:20-25
Engrafting will happen when we act on the word of God in faith (doing what the word says is faith). 

1.Father Thank you for breaking the limits over our mind and and hearts by giving us an exceeding large heart to accommodate wisdom, knowledge and understanding of an advanced spirit being. 

2.Father thank you for advancing our hearts and minds and increasing our appetite for relevant knowledge  for God’s word as you settle us in your perfect will. 

3.Father cause every mountainite to be an insatiable seeker of God and his truth while believing easily the same, thereby facilitating spiritual engraftment (Proverbs 2:1-12)

4.Father cause every mountainite to be a passionate lover of God’s word taking it as a daily nutritional requirement thereby commanding  superior spiritual footprints in life and destiny. 

5.Father by your mercy, every mountainite under a raging foundational war, according to Psalm 46:9, let that war come to an end as you push them into their turning point, breakthrough and next level 

Job 5:6 (Message Translation) , Psalm 46:9, 76:3, Isaiah 2:4, Ezekiel 49:9
One way to keep foundational powers permanently down is to keep yourself connected to God in prayer. 
After you’re delivered from foundational forces, you should not relax because you’d be giving them a chance to regroup and come back into your life. 
Most people want God to deliver them from evil forces but don’t want to live for Him to maintain their freedom. 
Ignorance of how to handle foundational forces has stopped many Christians from doing great things in life. 
Affliction in a person’s life doesn’t just come out of the blue, it has a reason why it springs up. 
Handle your foundation before you try to handle anything else. 
God will not handle foundational powers for you. 
It is your responsibility to investigate your family history and uproot any wrong foundations. 
When you don’t serve God the enemy sees that as an opportunity to take room because there’s a vacancy. 
Just as a dirty environment will attract flies, your lifestyle as a Christian will either give foundational powers room to get back into your life or it will keep them at bay because there’s no opportunity for them to advantage of. 
You will have to face controversy if you are going to have to take a stand for your faith. 

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