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Day 2 of 3 days montly prayer and fasting

2 Chronicles 33:12-13, Daniel 6:11
A great destiny will attract so many battles. 
A supplication carries a petition. 
In supplication someone pleads in humility to God for mercy and favor. 
A supplication made on behalf of somebody is an intercession. 
To entreat someone in power for mercy or favor, and this is done humbly or earnestly. 
Zechariah 12:10-13
The agenda of mercy is very pronounced in supplication. 

What is in the spirit of grace and supplication?
Numbers 21:9, Psalm 34:5
1.It makes you see your need for God’s help and your helplessness without him. 
2.It makes you acknowledge God alone and trust him so much as the only way out (you have no alternatives.) 
    It causes you to have reverence for God which leads to deep repentance. 
4.It leads to brokenness of heart (Psalm 34:17)
5.It kills selfishness 
6.It creates a focus and earnestness towards a goal. 
7.It makes you and the purpose for which you are praying to become inseperable. 
8.It gives you a deep longing for God’s presence and constant touch in prayer. 
It causes you to seperate yourself to be with God. 
9.Contriteness of heart and deep humility with God
    This spirit will cause you to be a carrier of God’s presence (Psalm 51:17)
    It also causes you not to give up in prayer, your burden will only be lifted if God tells you that it is settled. 
    Isaiah 57:15, 66:2

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