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The power of the altar of sacrifice

Sacrifice is what releases power. 
Sacrifice is the food for spirits, they can never be appeased without it. 
A sacrifice leads to a divine encounter, which results in changes. 
When you tie your expectations to sacrifice it shows that you believe God 
You cannot sacrifice something you don’t love, such a sacrifice would be unacceptable. 
Genesis 22:2
In sacrifice you substitute your weakness for God’s strength. 
Some things will only go out though sacrifice. 
Resurrection power is the highest power, and it came about through sacrifice. (Philippians 2:9)
Where there’s no sacrifice there’s no real power. 
No witch has power to release enchantments against anybody without making sacrifices to a deity in order to release power to enforce those enchantments. 
Psalm 91:1-5, 14
Your exemption doesn’t lie in your status but in your active partnership with God. 

What does the altar of sacrifice do? 
1.It releases power (Matthew 17:20-21)
2.It breaks and averts curses (Genesis 8:20)
3.It brings you into the covenant (Psalm 50:5-6)
4.It releases strong presence
5.It entitles you to sworn blessings (Genesis 22:15-18)
6.It stops plagues (2 Samuel 20:20-24, Malachi 1:6-10)
7.It offers protection and defense (psalm 20:1)
8.It offers  divine secrets (Job 29:4, Genesis 13:2)
   The richest man in the bible was born out of sacrifice. 
9.It provokes supernatural fruitfulness ( Genesis 18:10) 
10.It offers divine health
11.Results in overturning of captivity (Psalm 126:1-6)

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