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What is it that provokes the miraculous?

Names or titles indicate what a person came to fulfil. 
The root of your dominion is in understanding that you’re a child of God and you’re from above. 
Miracles, signs and wonders are your heritage. 
John 3:31
What is it that provokes the miraculous?
1.The spirit of holiness (2 Timothy 2:19, Psalm 45:7-8)
  Holiness helps you carry divine presence and the anointing. 
  The fear of the Lord is the pathway to divine wisdom. 
2.The word of God (Mark 16:17, Psalm 107:20, 103:7, John 10:34-36)
  Every word you encounter has potential to generate a miracle.
  The word of God will make you into a god if you believe and accept it. 
4.The Holy Spirit ( 1 Corinthians 12:7, Acts 1:8, 2:37-38, Luke 4:14)
  In the school of the miraculous, the Holy Spirit is the producer of Miracles. 
  It is impossible to seperate miracles from the spirit of God. 
  People who neglect the Holy Spirit will never flow in the miraculous. 
  Fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit, allowing him to lead you and depending on him is how you generate miracles  with the Spirit. 
All miracles are pure manifestations of the Spirit. 

5.Sounding the word of God (John 3:6-8, Acts 14:3)
Speak the word of God even when it didn’t make sense to you or others. 
What you say is what you will see. 
Many children of God have too much “diarrhea” in their mouths, they can say anything without thinking. 

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