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The secrets of the Goshen anointing

1.The presence of God (Acts 10:38, John 3:2, Zechariah 4:12, Exodus 33:12-14 )
 With God’s presence you will enjoy protection, favour and many other things that elude others.
  You can’t talk about Goshen without talking about God being there.
  God’s presence was the secret of the conquests the children of Israel enjoyed after leaving Egypt.

2.The lifestyle of prayer (Matthew 26:36, 1 Kings 17:1)
  Prayer is one of the ways in which we cultivate the presence of God.
  A prayerful person will create a creation an environment around them that will affect those around them, and even the environment around them.
  Prayer is a form of spiritual legislation.
  Prayer is how we make God’s will manifest on the earth.

3.The lifestyle of holiness  (Psalm 45:6-7, Ecclesiastes 9:8)
  God would never tell us to be anything that He had not provided grace for us to be.
  This doesn’t mean you won’t stumble, and when you stumble it doesn’t make you unholy.
  The love for righteousness is what makes you unhappy even when you stumble from the path of holiness.
  Iniquity is a mystery but holiness is an even bigger mystery. 
  Some christians willfully and deliberately run towards sin, and that displeases God.

4.Believe in the reality of Goshen and speak forth (2 Corinthians 4:13, Psalm 107:1-2)
  Goshen is not a physical place so we have to believe and declare to bring it into reality.
  Many christians don’t like to speak what the word of God says but they want to speak what their circumstances and neighbours are saying.

5.Develop an in-Christ consciousness mentality
  You must be conscious of who you are in Christ and carry it as a mentality.

6.A lifestyle of praise and thanksgiving (Genesis 46:11, Psalm 149:6)
  Don’t just kneel down to seek God with your long shopping list of prayer requests, also kneel down to praise God.

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