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Commanding miracles, signs and wonders

Miracle : any amazing or wonderful occurrence, a marvelous event  manifesting a supernatural act of a divine agent
Wonder: something that is beyond our natural expectations. 
Every need answers to a miracle, and every challenge answers to a wonder. 
Miracles, signs and wonders are tools for winning souls, conviction, attracting multitudes to the kingdom of God, as well as for church growth. 
Isaiah 8:18, Ephesians 2:21
Signs and wonders are an entitlement for those that are born in the Kingdom of God. 
John 3:6,8
In order to work miracles we need to have an understanding of our identity in Christ, that we are spirit beings dwelling in human flesh therefore the supernatural is natural to us. 
John 3:8, 1:6, 19 – 22, Genesis 1:26
Many Christians are beaten because of a lack of understanding of their identity. 
Don’t identify yourself with your bloodline, identify yourself with identity in Christ. 
John 1:20 
Holiness will help you to walk in the supernatural. 

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