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Anointing Service For Relocation: The Goshen Anointing

Some toxic relations are the reason why you can’t progress, let alone see far in life. 
How can you be friends with people who insult the altar of God, men of God and expect to receive solutions from that same altar? 
What happens to the level of your anointing after you meet some of your friends? 

What does an anointing do in a person’s life? 
1.It sponsors shifts and liftings in life and destiny
It can move a person from danger to safety, from obscurity to popularity
How does it sponsor lifting?
  a. it provokes favor
  b. It makes your skill to be marketed (Acts 10:38) 
    You don’t necessarily have to go everywhere for people to know what you have, but it’s the news of what you have that has to spread far and wide, which will attract people to you. provokes the spirit of wisdom
    If wisdom does not come to you, your helpers might not have reason to come to you. 
    Wisdom makes your face shine, and a shining face attracts your helpers. 
  d.It uncovers your potential (1Samuel 16:17, 10:5-6)
    Where you’re now is not a problem, the problem is what is on you. 
    You don’t know what’s hiding in you till the anointing comes on you. 

2.It protects God’s purpose and his children (Psalm 105:14-16)
3.It breaks limitations and breaks all manner of embargos 

This day an anointing of relocation is coming upon you, an anointing that will shift you to where God wants you to be. You’re not just visiting this new place, but dwelling there. (1 Kings 17:9)
Location determines allocation. Even God is restricted by places. 
God changes people’s locations because of the future (what is coming to them).
You need something from your helpers and they equally need something from you, they don’t just come for any particular reason. 
The reason why your helpers are dreaming about you is because you have affected their dream life.

The Goshen anointing 
Goshen means to draw near. 
(Genesis 47:1, Genesis 45:10-11, 46:1-3,47:1-6,22, Numbers 16:9)
a.) Goshen is a place which is nourished by God. 
(Genesis 45:18, Isaiah 25:6,7)
b.)Goshen anointing creates a supernatural dwelling, it is not necessarily a physical place but a spiritual place. 
  Certain things happen automatically once you find yourself in a particular place. 
c.)Goshen anointing creates a realm of life that builds a hedge of continuity (protection) of the Ephraim anointing. 
Goshen anointing creates a Goshen life. 
d.)It is a place of different good experiences, where you have the best of the land. 
  Under this anointing strangers and foreigners speak good on your behalf. People gather behind your back and begin to speak good about you; even when they have not yet seen you. 
  In Goshen, the principality over the land had no say about what goes on there. 
e.)Goshen is a place of exceeding multiplication. 
(Genesis 47:27)
f.) In Goshen there are no monitoring demons, it is a place of freedom.
  No bandage or affliction of demons is permitted. (2Samuel 7:10)
g.) It is a place of divine exemption from calamities of different kinds. (Exodus 8:22)
  Whether they be economic, financial, health, academic; you will be exempted from them all. 
h.) It is a place of light in the midst of darkness (Exodus 9:26)

  Praise keeps on activating the oil of Goshen. Praise God in whatever situation you face. 
  When you don’t know what to do, praise God. 

h.) It is a place of sweet fellowship and quick answers to prayer. (Deuteronomy  4:7-8)
i.) It is a place of divine preservation of every good thing God promised. 
  In this place God respects his covenant. 

j.) It is a place where the reality of fruits and sacrifices of fathers and mentors come into manifestation. 

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