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The Spirit of Excellence
Genesis 1:1, John 5:6
Daniel 6:1 – 4, Daniel 5:11
Excellence is a unified spirit.
Excellence is possessing qualities in high degree, an outstanding feature.
The excellence being referred to here is not perfectionism. 
To excel is to be exceptionally good, the best.
In order to rule, stand out and excel you need to have the spirit of Excellence.
It is an excellent spirit that causes people in the kingdom to excel.

What is in an excellent spirit?

2 Peter 1:2-6
God is excellent in all that He does and we too can be participators in this excellence through the exceeding great and precious promises.
The world’s system is corrupt and we escape that corruption by being partakers of the promises. v
Corrupt: to change/alter from the original or correct form or version. 
   Faith is the equivalent of the heart in the human body.
   Hebrews 11:6
   You first have to believe that you can be the thing that you want to be in life, speak what you believe, and act in accordance with what you believe. 
   This is a quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong (moral excellence, integrity). 
   If you don’t have this quality you can be derailed from your vision. 
   Daniel 1:8, Hebrews 1:9
   This doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes, but as a result of having virtue you will realise your wrong and depart from the path of wrong. 
   Failure and success are choices that people make. 
   1 Chronicles 28:9, 29:18
   You should have it in your mind to serve God, give God a place in your mind. 
   Even fruitfulness can not be yours until you accept certain things in your mind. 
   Proverbs 10:4
   Knowledge is the result of perception, learning and reasoning. 
   You must acquire relevant knowledge in your field. 
   Genesis 41:33
   Even as a CEO in your company, you need to have some basic knowledge of the various fields within your own company. 
   Proverbs 17:27
   Knowledge must also be processed into understanding. 
4.Self control
   This is the trait of avoiding excesses, the ability to rule yourself. 
   For instance, to stop watching television and go to study. 
   It is controlled delay, endurance, perseverance and it is not waiting while you’re panicking. 
   Hebrews 6:12
   Godliness has great gain. 
   Love towards people and love towards God. 
   Love for God helps to keep you in the right path, and love for people will help you stay pure in your motives. 
   This is determination to perform a task
   Numbers 13:30, 14:24

It is not pride to tell God to make you the best, it is faith. 
When you have an excellent spirit you will refuse mediocrity, you will go for details and not for shallow things. 
Having an excellent spirit will make your journey lonely because not many will think like you, others will call you crazy for aiming for high standards and not mediocrity. 
People with this kind of spirit have very few friends because not many people think like them. 
They spend time on profitable things and they’re unbreakable. 
An excellent spirit will put you at the top no matter where you are ;as was the case for Daniel and Joseph. 
This spirit will make you more excited about the future than about the past.

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