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The Effects of Light and Glory

1. Accessibility. Meaning we have access and we are accessible.

2.There is divine speed
  Divine speed is the speed of God. It is doing things at the rate of God’s speed. It sponsors recovery and restoration.
  Divine speed also facilitates overtaking. It makes you overtake those that went ahead of you easily, enabling you to settle.
  In 1 kings 18:46, by virtue of divine speed Elijah overtook Ahab who was in a chariot.
  The hand of the lord signifies power.
  1 Samuel 30:8, Joel 2:29
  By reason of divine speed you will overtake even those who took years to succeed by natural means.
  2 Kings 2:11, Ezekiel 39:20, Psalm 68:17, Isaiah 49:19, 58:8
  In addition, divine speed further facilitates quantum leaps and quantum achievements.

3.Transfiguration and transformation
  To transfigure is to change to glory, to change completely the nature and appearance of something. To change from one state to another.
  Luke 9:29
  Transfiguration changes every aspect of your life. Even your associations change.
  You can’t hide transfiguration when it happens to you, all those around you will notice it.

4.The affirmation of divine presence
  Acts 10:38, Psalm 27:1-4
  Divine presence gives you confidence  because you know you are never alone.
  When God is with you, you become invincible.

5.Divine attraction, acceptance, approval and endorsement.
  Matthew 3:16-17
  You will see what others can’t see, have what others can’t have because you have God’s approval.
  1 Samuel 3:19 – 20, Isaiah 62:2, 12
  God’s approval and endorsement will make all that you do to succeed.

6.Divine life becomes your life (John 1:4-9, Psalm 36:9).

7.Boldness and courage replace fear ( fear disappears) (Psalm 23:4).

8.It leads to the unleashing of wisdom for supernatural exploits and achievements.
  Daniel 5:11-16
  Wisdom will give you total mastery over the circumstances of life.
  The realization that you’re superior to devils instantly puts you in command.
  It is an error for a christian to be stuck when non-christians are stuck.
  Supernatural wisdom will enable you to beat all the traps of the devil.

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