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When God Shows Mercy

What happens when God shows mercy? [Continued]

5b(1). Light and glory give us accessibility. Meaning we have access and we are accessible. 

1 chronicles 11:1. 

Prophetic declarations

Today the 10th of May 2020,  let it be known that the access we have been denied before, God has brought us into it and to underscore what he has done ,today we are going to launch access ,bishop Dag came here and prayed a prayer  saying, “use him for the nations, ” and he added, ” use him for the world. ”  From all over  the
world what is ours can now come to us, the world can access us and we can access the world. 

Today under this anointing I am glad to announce to you that the anointing for access other than what we have enjoyed before is in this house. Mountain of God
Ministries is now officially on the internet. We are on the world wide web. 

Father in the name of Jesus we thank you for what you have done. For releasing us to realms that we have not known. Every lie of the devil against this ministry is
cancelled. Father as we dedicate this website,  the access every mountanite needed to get  into their inheritance has been granted. 
The whole world can now access us . We declare that as practically as people can access us today, this ministry has become a global ministry. 

Where access was denied to you, you are now entering there. The realm of Financial resources you could not access ,you are entering there. You can no longer be
restricted, the doors to the Nations are open to you. From today because of access, watch out for  the testimonies that will be told all over the world.Welcome to
your new realm!!

The Lord bless you. The Lord keep you,the Lord make you great! I release the blessing of access upon your business ,upon your career. 
The gates you didn’t access before, you are now accessing. 

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