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When God Shows Mercy [part 2]

What happens when God shows mercy? [continued]

4. When God shows mercy he delivers people  (Isaiah 60:1-5). 
5a. When God shows mercy, he gives light and glory. 

  Mercy is the reason God brings light on us.  The light will give you direction and act as a shield that protects you from the enemy.
  (Psalm 84:11, Malachi 4:2, John 1:1, 6). 
  The days of darkness are over. (Isaiah 8:20)
  God doesn’t want you to to look at what covid-19 is doing but rather to look up at the light he is bringing  on you. (Psalm   27:1) 
  When ever light shows up, darkness disappears.(John 12:46). 
  Darkness connotes activities produced by sin. Darkness connotes the absence of God and this darkness actually belongs to a kingdom.
  Darkness connotes blindness whereas light connotes opening of eyes. 
  Genesis 13:2 gives us a description of Abraham’s glory. 
  Glory is the miracle life of God manifested around human beings by reason of his power. (John 11:30). 
  1 Peter 2:9,  Hebrews 2:9, Romans 8:29, Hebrews 3:4. 
  The story of the prodigal son is that of mercy culminating into glory. The path way to glory is coming back to your senses and accepting God’s ways. 
  If you want to see Glory don’t look at social media but look up to heaven and hear what God is saying (Luke 22:19).

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