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Building The Shield of Faith

What is a shield?

According to the dictionary , a shield is a protective covering or structure. It also means a hard outer covering or case of a certain organism such as as tortoise.

This is very important because it will help us understand this scripture as Christians because ‘to shield” as a verb means to protect, hide or conceal from danger or harm. So when the scripture speaks of the shield of faith it is very clear that many times we interpret this scripture according to what we know of a shield, such as those they used during the days of Shaka , the interpretation is that you are holding something in your hand to protect yourself that is an understatement , that is watering down what the scripture says.

In Psalm 5:12  the scripture says ,”… to compass (to surround) him with a shield. When the Bible talks about taking up the shield of faith it’s actually talking about picking something that shields us entirely from the darts of the enemy and the darts of the wicked; which are not just thoughts but anything that the enemy is trying to do against us.

But then we need to understand what this shield is and how this shield can be built and what is this protection that faith builds. Philippians 4:6-7 outlines what will be created after you have prayed. There is what you do create the shield that protects our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Why our minds? Because the battlefield is in our minds (2 Corinthians 4:4).

When a man’s mind is blinded he cannot see light therefore he cannot see his way out. Which means such a person has  a covering over their minds,it’s a dark covering. That covering is also a shield but it is a shield of the devil to prevent the mind from receiving light which can bring freedom ,so equally when we do certain things expected of us in the word of God there is a shield that is built around our minds.

But how is this shield brought about?

By the speaking of God’s word (Matthew 8:8).

Speaking wrong words removes the shield of God and opens your door to the attacks of the enemy (Ecclesiastes 10:8). Out of fear you will be speaking wrong words and out of faith you will be speaking the correct words , our future is not in our hands but in our mouth as proceeding from our hearts.

How do you break your shield ? you break it by speaking words out of fear, thereby creating holes in your shield.

How do I strengthen my protection speak ? Declaring the word of God is building the shield of Faith around what is ours and our lives. 

According to psalm 103:20 for angels to do What they are supposed to do including building a shield,a hedge around us , we should hearken to the voice of God’s word ,since it is we who give voice to the word of God ,we put it on our lips and that is what creates the shield that will protect us.

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