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The God of Settlement

Mark 6:39
“Then Jesus said to them, tell everyone to sit in groups on the green grass.”
Isaiah 32:15
“This will continue until God gives us his spirit from above. Then the desert will become rich farmland and the farmland will be like thick forests.”
Isaiah 44:3 
“I will pour water for thirsty people, and streams will flow through the desert. I will pour my spirit on your children, and I will bless your family.”

Isaiah 51:1-3
“Some of you people try hard to live good lives. You go Lord for help. Listen to me. You should look at Abraham your father. He is the rock you were cut from.”
“Abraham is your father so look at him. Look at Sarah, who gave birth to you. Abraham was alone when I called him. Then I blessed him, and he began a great family with many descendants.”
“In the same way, the Lord will bless Zion. He will feel sorry for her and her people, and he will do something great for her. He will turn the desert into a garden. And it will be like a Garden of Eden. The land was empty, but it will become Lord’s Garden. People there will be very happy. They will sing victory songs to thank God for what he did. “
1Peter 5:10
“Yes, you will suffer for a short time. But after that, God will make everything right. He will make you strong. He will support you and keep you from failing. He is God who gives all grace. He chose you to share in his glory in Christ. That glory will continue forever.”

To settle is to take out of discomfort. There are steps to take for settlement.
Amos 9:13
“The Lord says, a time of great blessing is coming. Workers will still be harvesting when it’s time to plow the field s again. They will still be Trampling the grapes when it’s time for a new crop. sweet wine will drip from the mountains and pour from the hills.”

A situation that looks terrible can be changed by God. He is a rewriter of stories.
Psalms 102:13 ,Job 14:14 

The only way you can miss your time is when you don’t know that it’s your set time.The only way not to miss your appoint time is to be close to your appointed place.

When it’s time for settlement you must be careful to hear the clock of heaven.

1. You must settle in the house you belong by being Born Again.
2. Settle with the word of God (Job 22:21-22, Proverbs 8:10, Isaiah 33:6).

Outside the word of God there’s no settlement

3. The fear of the Lord (2 Timothy 2:19-20 )

Nobody that was in rebellion with the Lord ever got settled (2 Chronicles 15:1-4,15)

To fear God is to respect what he says. (Job 22:11-29)

4. Obedience
Every time God speaks to us it’s not to disadvantage us but settle us.(1 Kings 17:9, Genesis 22:17)

Don’t only serve God when things are not right. You delay your own settlement by doing your own things.

God is not moved by emotions but by your faith. Money makes eternal settlement.

When you’re going to the field you have very few friends but when harvesting the story changes.

It’s important to be sensitive. Do what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you about

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